Ways to Make Renter Safety a Priority

There are lots of home features that get the attention of potential tenants — these include a pool, lots of cabinets, an outdoor deck and an oversized master suite to name just a few. With the rental market continuing to grow, it’s important to find clever and meaningful ways to set your property apart from those that might be similar. While their safety is something that your tenants need to take responsibility for themselves on a certain level, including smart and thoughtful touches that make it easier could also increase the desirability of your rental home.

1. Build in Childproofing

Features with an eye toward childproofing can both make your property more appealing to those with small children and help protect them from unexpected accidents. Many things — such as adding protective mesh to balconies or choosing countertops with rounded edges — can benefit other potential occupants besides children such as small pets. Adding childproof locks to your windows, doors and cabinets gives your tenants peace of mind so they’re more likely to enjoy living there.

2. Cater to the Elderly or Disabled

Many features that make your property more appealing to the elderly and the disabled also may make it easier for others to enjoy their time there as well. Ramps for wheelchairs, for example, and doors with handles that can be easily opened make it simpler to get groceries inside. Grab bars in the bathtub provide steadying help for anyone who could use the extra hand in a slippery situation.

3. Stock a First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is something that many people know they should have but they never get around to making. In other cases, a tenant’s first aid kit might have gotten misplaced during a move and it was never replenished. Stocking such a kit offers your tenants a convenient place to turn to when dealing with minor emergencies. You could make it clear to them that they are responsible for keeping it stock throughout the time they stay there.

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