Housing Outlook Sees Gradual Gains Ahead

The housing market has been in a bit of a holding pattern lately. While there is a high level of home buyer demand, there are a lower-than-normal number of homes for sale. That means, though sales should be booming right now, they are only making modest gains. But things can change. And, if more houses become available for sale, it could begin to reverse home price trends, making it easier for interested buyers to find and buy homes. So what is likely to happen in the coming months? Well, according to Fannie Mae’s most recent Economic and Housing Outlook, things will grind forward, but we shouldn’t expect major changes in market fundamentals anytime soon. “Housing’s upward grind should continue, despite a lackluster first quarter,” Fannie Mae’s chief economist, Doug Duncan, says. “We expect home sales to post modest gains both this year and next, as prices rise and affordability declines amid low for-sale inventory.” For buyers and sellers who may be waiting for conditions to change before making a move, this means the market isn’t likely to be significantly different in the coming months. More here.