Ways to Attract Seniors to Your Property

While Florida might be known as the senior capital of the nation, Nevada as a whole — and Las Vegas, in particular — haven’t been overlooked by this growing segment of the population. As the baby boomer generation continues to grow and retire, they are drawn to Las Vegas’ warm weather year round that also lacks the crushing humidity experienced in the South. The city’s location provides a convenient base for anywhere else in the country, especially the West and Midwest, while also offering easy access to Canada, Mexico and locations beyond. Here’s how to prime your property to make it more attractive to those seniors who want to move to Las Vegas:

1. Focus on accessibility

Seniors will likely need accessibility accommodations at some point in the future. By focusing on simple and important items such as grab bars and step bathtubs in the bathrooms and ramps at the entry doors, your property is able to accommodate seniors at every stage of their life. In addition, these features make your property more attractive for disabled tenants or for those who have family members that are disabled.

2. Keep it personal

While many seniors are tech savvy enough that they’ve integrated the technology into their daily lives with social media and email, it’s still important to offer a personal connection as well. Maintaining the ability to contact you via telephone helps establish a personal connection with seniors who are both comfortable with technology as well as those who are not.

3. Highlight neighborhood features

Seniors often find it more difficult to easily access those amenities the need to maintain an independent lifestyle. If your property is situated close to shopping, recreational or healthcare facilities, be sure to highlight that. It’s also important to note how these features can be accessed. Are they within walking distance, is public transportation available to and from their locations or are they just a short drive away?

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