Using a Move-Out Survey to Your Advantage

When you rent your home out to another person or family, you essentially become the “business” and your renters become your “customers.” While the old saying, “the customer is always right” doesn’t fully resonate in this situation, there is a great deal of truth to it. Using a move-out survey can help you glean valuable information about the experience of your renters. You can then use this data that you receive to improve your abilities as a property owner. This could mean that you experience less turnover and an increase in the positive chatter about your property.

Sample Questions to Ask Your Tenants When They Move Out

As part of the final walk through when your renters are moving out, ask them to complete a move-out survey about their experiences living in your home. Some examples of questions you might want to include are:

1. Please rate the service you received.

2. Please rate the service you received from service personnel such as contractors and handymen.

3. What rating would you give in regards to your overall experience?

4. Please rate your overall impression of the home and property you rented.

5. What was your favorite feature about the home?

6. What was your least favorite feature of the home?

7. Please share any ways that your experience could have been improved?

8. Would you consider renting this home or other properties in the owner’s portfolio in the future?

9. Would you refer other people to this property or other properties in the owner’s portfolio?

Including this survey as part of the move out process provides you with the information you need to improve. This could be something with the property itself, with the handling of the day-to-day operations or even addressing unrealistic expectations of those who rent from you.