Using Your Garage to Make Your Property More Appealing

Ask anyone looking for a home to purchase or rent what their top ten list looks like and chances are one of them will be a garage. While many people think of their garage as simply a convenient place to store their extra sporting equipment, bikes and lawn mower, your garage can become a major selling point when you are searching for renters. Here’s how:

1. Extra Bedroom

Depending on what the local laws and regulations dictate — as well as your homeowner’s association, if applicable — you could turn your garage into another bedroom. This likely means that you’ll have to increase the insulation and add additional wiring. The extra bedroom could appeal to those who want a playroom or a guest room but need to use all the regular bedrooms in your home.

2. Make it Into a Game Room

Outfit your garage in all the creature comforts you think that you’d like your own game room to contain and you’ve got a great feature that will attract renters. Furnish the game room with comfortable recliners, an entertainment system that can hold lots of board and video games, as well as a cozy nook for curling up with a book. You will have the starts of a room that will attract families with teens as well as those that like to host adult game nights.

3. Furnish it as a Home Office

Working from home continues to gain in popularity. Whether a renter simply brings work home with them at the end of the day or holds a dedicated freelance job, a dedicated space can help with productivity. Most people could benefit from a place to keep their financial records orderly so tax time and bill paying is made more simple.

With a bit of creativity and a small additional investment, your garage could make your rental property appealing to an even wider range of renters. You can count on Real Property Management Las Vegas to secure the best tenants for your rental property. Contact us for more information!