Tips to Effectively Handle Air Conditioning Emergencies in Your Rental Home

No matter how well maintained you attempt to keep the appliances and systems in your rental home, chances are that at some point, something will require an unexpected repair. Handling these emergencies the right way can make all the difference in keeping your renters happy, safe and healthy. Given the climate of Las Vegas, one of the most crucial of these systems is the air conditioning.

1. Practice good maintenance habits

Though it can be hot all year long in Las Vegas, it’s still a good idea to maintain a regular schedule of inspections for your air conditioning system. Plan to have the system inspected and maintained in the spring in anticipation of its increased usage. Scheduling another inspection in the fall helps ensure that the system is still working as well as expected.

2. Replace the indoor filters

Depending on the way your rental contract is written, this maintenance can either fall to people renting your home or to you. Establishing a monthly routine that includes changing the indoor filters for your air conditioning system helps prolong the life of the entire unit.

3. Inspection the exterior unit

The outside condenser unit should be inspected on a regular basis. Look for foliage, litter or other debris that could cover the panels and impede the free flow of air. If needed, remove these items by hand and clean the exterior with a water hose spraying downward.

4. Plan for emergencies

It’s a good idea to have an emergency plan worked out in the event that the air conditioning system in your rental home breaks down. While fans might suffice for a day or two during the cooler months, window air conditioning units are going to be a more comfortable option for your tenants during the summer.

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