Things to do Before You List Your Property for Rent

You’ve decided to jump in and offer your property for rent. Doing so opens lots of exciting doors for you and provides a predictable source of income. Before you list your property, though make sure you do these three things:

1. Change the Locks

Whether this is your first renter or you’ve have previous ones,  you need to change the locks. If you’ve previously lived in the home and don’t think you need to change the locks, consider how many people might have access to the keys. Did you leave one under the mat so the neighbor could take care of your dog while you were on vacation? For legal purposes, it’s best to change the locks. Consider adding additional security features such as a dead bolt if there isn’t already one there.

2. Do a Thorough Inspection

Comb through your property and ensure that any damage is noted. Be sure to get this damage repaired before listing your property for rent. A home that is move-in ready with no damage will be rented more quickly than one that has a broken window or a hole in a wall. You’ll also be able to set your rental price higher if your property is well maintained and attractive.

3. What About the Appliances?

Deciding to leave certain appliances — such as the refrigerator and the stove — make it infinitely easier to rent a property. When it comes to others though, it is often a personal choice. That being said, the more that your property is ready for a renter to simply move right in and start living their life, the easier it will be to rent. You’ll also be able to attract people who can afford to pay more. Just make sure that the appliances are clean and in good working order before the property is listed for rent.

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