How to Smooth the Way When a Tenant Moves Out

Would it surprise you to learn that the easiest way to make moving out go smoothly is to start the process before they move in? By outlining the responsibilities of the renter and the property owner when they are moving in, everyone is aware of what is expected of them. As the date for them to move out approaches, remind your renters of the points below to help the process go more pleasantly.

1. Explain the Security Deposit Thoroughly

Whether your renter doesn’t have very much experience as a tenant or they are a pro at it, going over the security deposit thoroughly as they move in serves two purposes. First, it ensures that everyone is aware of the reason for the security deposit and what it means. Second, doing so can provide an incentive for the renter to take better care of your property and to follow the outlined stipulations in order to get the security deposit back.

2. Outline Clear Expectations

One of the best ways to make moving out uneventful is to make your expectations very clear. Even before they move in, your renters should know which parts of the property’s upkeep fall to them and which fall to you. For the inevitable maintenance requests that arise, make sure you outline the proper protocol including the time frame for notification and the method. All of these items should be in writing and part of the lease agreement.

3. Devise a Checklist for Moving Out

As part of the expectations you have for your tenant, supply them with a comprehensive checklist when it is time for them to move out. Not only will following this checklist help them stay on track for vacating your property on schedule, it can also help them reclaim some of their security deposit. Some items to include are:

  • repainting the walls to the original color
  • replacing light bulbs
  • installing batteries in smoke detectors
  • cleaning the carpets

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