Mid-Year Review: Are You Using the Right Property Management Company?

While many people undergo an end of the year review of those important goals in their lives — work, family and financial — fewer undertake such a review during the middle of the year. Doing so now, when about half the year has passed, provides you with ample time to make changes to bring 2017 back on track with your goals.

Hiring the Right Property Management Company

The property management company you choose is extremely important to your success. Without the right property management company, you could see both your financial and investment goals deflate unceremoniously. Here’s how to tell if you’ve made the right choice:

  • Do you know who is responsible for doing what?

The ideal property management company will be one that is highly professional about every transaction. The contract that you sign with the property management company should clearly outline the responsibilities of each party. This provides you with the knowledge you need so you are aware of important items such as who is responsible for marketing your property and how incidental expenses are handled.

  • Is their claim of experience backed up by action?

Choosing a property management company with years of experience shows you that they have a successful formula that they use to ensure that all their properties are properly taken care of. If the property management company seems organized, on top of the things that are needed with your property and successfully keeping it occupied with acceptable tenants, it’s a good indication that you’ve picked the right one.

  • Does their portfolio of services still meet your needs?

The services a property management company offers can make the difference between easing your way as a property owner and making it more difficult. Frequent inspections of your property, compliance with your HOA regulations and background checks on potential tenants are all key services that are designed to make your life easier. If your current property management company doesn’t do these things, it might be time to make a change.

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