Increase Home Security with These Four Landscaping Tips

Whether you own a modest rancher or a sprawling mansion, security for your rental property is a primary concern. By borrowing from a concept known as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), you can design or modify the property’s outdoor spaces to help it more secure. The following four landscape tips can help:

1. Install or upgrade outdoor lighting

Keeping the outside of a property illuminated with plenty of light is a proven deterrent to crime. Whether you choose lights that only come on when motion is sensed or you install lighting throughout the yard, be sure to position it so that shadows and glaring is kept to a minimum. You might also want to install lighting high enough to prevent easy tampering.

2. Keep foliage under control

Shrubbery, bushes and other foliage that becomes overgrown is more than just an eyesore. It can also provide a place for criminals to hide undetected so they can enter the home via the first floor windows. It’s important to keep the bushes trimmed on a regular basis to keep the property looking neat and make it more visible to neighbors and others driving by.

3. Add gravel

Even if you love the look of a fresh green lawn, consider adding gravel near the windows and doors. Grass allows an intruder to more easily approach a home without being heard. Gravel, though, is difficult to walk quietly on and can emit crunching noises that could arouse attention.

4. Make space

Be sure to keep any trees close to the rental house trimmed to prevent a thief from climbing it to gain access to windows above the ground level. Keep the tree’s branches trimmed so they don’t hang close enough to the roof to allow someone to gain access to it.

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