Home Improvement Projects Most Landlords Can Do Themselves

Whether you’re just now getting your property ready for the rental market or you’re wanting to make some improvements before the next renters move in, you don’t have to contract out for everything. The following home improvement projects are ones that most homeowners can accomplish by themselves in a day or over the course of a weekend.

1. Lay peel and stick flooring

The flooring in your home adds visual appeal to any room. While you could go for a more expensive option, such as hiring a contractor to lay new flooring, today’s peel and stick flooring options provide a quick and relatively easy way for homeowners to do a great job on their own.

For floors that are less than three layers deep, you don’t even need to remove the old layers as long as it is clean, smooth and even. Measure the floor with a tape measure, then use a ruler or straightedge and a utility knife to cut the peel and stick tiles to the required size.

2. Paint interior rooms

If your home needs a whole house paint job, it will likely save you significant time and money to hire a professional. A single room, though, can be completed by a motivated homeowner in just a few hours. Gather together some friends and high-quality tools, along with a paint with a primer included, and you’ll have the beginnings of a fresh new look for your home.

3. Add overhead storage

Renters who want to add shelves to a room are one of the most common questions that a rental homeowner faces. Help head off these questions by installing overhead storage yourself. With just a few basic tools — ladder, wrench, drill and screwdriver — as well as the storage shelves or racks are all that are needed for this project that can often be completed in just one afternoon.

If you find that you aren’t as handy as you’d hoped you be or if you are not able to perform the work, contact Real Property Management Las Vegas for suggestions regarding reliable contractors.