How to Handle an Unexpected Departure?

A tenant can leave unexpectedly for numerous reasons. While having a tenant break a lease is never the ideal situation for you as a property owner, there are some strategies that can help you manage these situations.

1. Market the Property

You don’t have to wait until your property is empty in order to start advertising that it’s for rent again. In fact, the minute you receive notice that your tenant is no longer going to be renting your home, you need to start getting the word out about its availability. This strategy can help reduce the amount of time that it sits empty.

2. Take Inventory

Remember that many tenants drive by a property to take a look at the area in which it’s located as well as the condition of the home itself before they decide to take the next step and contact you for further information. Make sure that your property gives them a good first impression by keeping the lawn neatly trimmed and free of debris. Weed the flower beds and consider adding brightly-colored foliage to increase your home’s curb appeal.

3. Consider Adding Updates

Though updates cost you money, you’ll find that it’s worth it in the long run. By replacing the linoleum floor in your kitchen with tile, for example, your property instantly gains a fresher look. Pull up the carpet throughout your home and opt for hardwood floors instead. Not only are they easier to clean and take care of, hardwood floors are attractive, wear well and appeal to a range of potential tenants.

4. Wrap it All Up

Make sure that you freshen up the paint before you start showing your home to potential tenants. Complete a deep cleaning on the house to ensure that it’s in pristine condition. Consider investing in locks that boast re-keying technology. This feature saves you both time and money.

If the above seems like a lot of work and hassle, consider contacting Real Property Management Las Vegas. They’ll take care of all your property management needs so you don’t have to.