Four Decor Ideas to Pass on to Your Renters

It’s a classic dilemma that nearly every real estate investor runs into at some point. They want to provide renters with the ability to make the property feel like their own home. After all, doing so will help make the renters like it better there and possibly stay longer. On the other hand, you don’t want major changes to your property that might make it costly to ready it for the next renters. Here are four ideas to help bridge the gap between the two schools of thought.

1. Get Creative With Storage

Regardless of how large your rental property is, your renters are likely to run out of storage space. Installing shelves throughout the rental home — the bedrooms, bathrooms, garage and utility room are popular places — provides a built-in solution that your renters can then personalize to suit their needs.

2. Make Use of the Walls

Another element of decoration involves using as much of the wall space as possible. Either in conjunction with — or instead of — shelving. Wall hooks that can be easily removed can be used to store everything from mittens or toys to craft supplies and keys.

3. Try Removable Wallpaper

One of the most common similarities shared by many rental homes is their use of neutral colors when decorating. Some brands of wallpaper manufactured today are designed to be removed. Because some types can be harder to remove from walls than others, test a few brands out prior to giving your renters the okay to use them. Then provide them with a list of acceptable options to choose from so they can decorate to their heart’s content.

4. Make the Kitchen Stand Out

A glass mosaic backsplash gives any kitchen an upgrade but you might not want it permanently. Instead, tell your renters about Smart Tiles. This vinyl alternative looks like real mosaic glass tiles but is easy to remove.

For more ideas on how to help renters feel more at home, contact Real Property Management (RPM) Las Vegas today!