Deposit Deductions to Introduce to Tenants

Keeping your tenants informed about your expectations goes a long way toward a smooth relationship. A good case in point involves the deposit. Having your renter sign a list of items that could be deducted off the deposit is sure to motivate them to leave the property in the same condition that it was in when they arrived. Such a list also serves as a good point of reference in court if needed.

Cleaning Charges

Leaving the property “broom clean” is a good mandate to establish. Otherwise, you could use an addendum to your lease that includes charges such as $50 to sweep, vacuum and mop the home, $25 to dust and wash the trim and $25 to wipe down the walls.

General Damage

While some wear and tear is normal, excessive incidents of such need to be deducted from the deposit. In addition, things such as replacing all the burnt out light bulbs with those that work, for example, or ensuring the all light bulbs are LEDs like the home had upon move in, need to be agreed upon prior to a tenant moving in. Charges such as $5 to replace each burnt out or inappropriate light bulb, $40 to replace window blinds and $15 each to wash a light fixture will provide the tenant with the motivation to do the right thing and leave the property as close to move-in condition as possible.


While cleanliness comfort levels vary depending on the person, putting it in writing that the property should be deep cleaned when the tenant moves out helps reduce potential issues. Including charges such as $300 to deep clean a kitchen, $200 to deep clean a bathroom and $200 to deep clean a living room sets the expectations for the tenant before they move in.

It’s important to remember that the above dollar figures are just examples and are not meant to comprise the going rates for such services. Hiring a property management company removes the time-consuming hassle of dealing with renter deposits. Real Property Management Las Vegas makes it easy to be a landlord. Contact them today to learn how.