Complaints Tenants Have About Their Landlords

Chances are that having to field phone calls in the middle of the night isn’t exactly what you were thinking about when you decided to rent your home out. Neither is responding graciously to angry emails from your renters. However, both are pretty common occurrences once you begin a landlord-renter relationship. Just like you probably have a few complaints about your tenants, they also have some including the following:

1. The neighbors are noisy

This complaint might seem like it is out of your hands — and it very well could be. However, it’s important to try to help your renter handle it. If the noisy neighbor also happens to be renting a home from you, then the complaint is going to be easy to address as per the terms of your lease agreement.

If the person is a random neighbor, you need a different strategy. Ask your renter to address the problem with the neighbor on their own. If that doesn’t work, try to do so yourself or contact their landlord. There might also be noise ordinances that you can evoke in support of your renter’s issue.

2. Color of the paint

Most people have a particular way they want their home to look. Unfortunately, when they are renting, much of this choice is beyond their control. Don’t be surprised, though, if they complain about your choice of paint colors anyway. To minimize this, stick to neutral colors and make it a policy that your renters cannot paint the property themselves — ever.

3. Pests

Pests are not something that anyone is likely to want to live with so don’t be surprised if you get a call in the middle of the night about mice or roaches. The best way to approach pest problems is to be proactive about it. Get on a regular schedule with a reputable pest control company.

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