Bathroom and Kitchen Trends in Rental Homes

In order to appeal to today’s renters and generate the most income, the owners of rental homes need to stay informed about the trends that are leading the rental home industry. Below, you’ll find some ideas for kitchens and bathrooms — the two places where a home often shows its age most — that you might want to implement for your own home for rent.

1. Traditional is Out

The demand for kitchens and bathrooms in traditional styles continue to dwindle. Instead, contemporary designs that focus on clean and modern lines with bright and open spaces. These invite relaxation — in the case of the bathroom — and make more room for preparation in the kitchen.

2. Tech Integration is In

According to the 2017 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends Report released by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), nearly a third of their professional members have included the mechanisms — such as pathways and wiring — that’s necessary for the integration of technology in a home. Items such as docking stations and appliances that are connected to the internet are gaining in popularity.

One popular demand by renters and other homeowners is the addition of integrated power strips under cabinets. Not only do these provide more flexibility in the number of devices that can be used in an area, the use of such power strips is more desirable on an aesthetically level. Another popular trend is laying the groundwork for audio and video capabilities in the bathroom.

3. Kitchen Improvements

A kitchen trend that continues to make progress is the mixing of different elements or properties. For example, there’s been an uptick in the demand for metal cabinets. These are often paired with reclaimed woods. Mixing colors and palettes is also a trend that continues to gain in popularity.

Kitchens that feature a universal design to accommodate residents of all abilities help improve functionality. For more information on universal design, as well as any of the trends listed above, contact Real Property Management Las Vegas. They’re the experts in what renters in Las Vegas want.