Backyard Grilling Safety Tips

Though Nevada’s mild climate invites backyard grilling year round, more people still take part in this popular activity during the spring and summer. Whether you have tenants who are just getting started with their first home or you have a seasoned family unit, the following backyard grilling safety tips are good ones to know about.

1. Location, location, location

The above isn’t just a real estate mantra that emphasizes the importance of a home’s location when it’s on the market. It’s also an important element to keep in mind when backyard grilling.

  • choose a level surface
  • find a spot at least ten feet away from any structures
  • avoid using grills on a balcony or near an overhang

2. Grill Outside

Few people would think to grill inside the house but might not consider the dangers of doing so inside the garage. However, any enclosed space — no matter how well ventilated it might seem to be — is a suitable area for grilling. This means that grilling should never occur in a tent, garage or other space that is enclosed. Dangerous carbon monoxide buildup could result.

3. Establish a Pet- and Kid-Free Zone

Small children and pets are especially vulnerable to burns caused by backyard grilling. Be sure to maintain an area of at least three feet around the grill that kids and pets are not allowed to enter. Doing so not only keeps them safe from accidentally bumping or running into the hot grill, it also helps keep the person manning from having their attention drawn away from the job at hand. A significant number of burns that children incur each year are the result of backyard grilling.

4. Caring for Your Grill Afterwards

Clean your grill to ensure that it’s ready for your next cooking session. Dispose of coals properly by first soaking them in cold water before putting them in a metal container. Otherwise, simply close the vents and the grill lid and let the charcoal extinguish itself naturally.