5 Ways to Develop a Good Move-In Checklist

A checklist can help anyone stay on track when it comes to hectic life events. When it comes to starting a relationship with a new tenant. consider ways to make it easier on them and get it off to a great start. A comprehensive checklist can help.

Build a Great Move-In Checklist

A move-in checklist is a great tool that has two distinct advantages for using it. First, using a checklist helps set the expectations you have for the tenant. Second, by working from the same checklist, you know that you and your tenant are on the same page. Here are a few must-have items that should be on your move-in checklist:

1. Choose the right tenants by checking all their references as well as their credit. Document everything so that you can effectively choose the ideal people to live in your home.

2. Complete a comprehensive inspection of the property before the tenants move in. Ensure that any repairs and updates are finished before move-in day. If any defects remain, make sure that the tenants are aware of them and acknowledge them when they perform their walk-through of the property.

3. Make sure that you have your tenant’s contact information. In addition to their phone numbers, you’ll also want to have their financial information, such as the name, address and phone number of their preferred financial institution, so you can get them set up for rent payments.

4. Go over the security deposit and what will be charged against it. Collect the security deposit and note which items are your responsibility.

5. Put together a welcome package that includes the rules and restrictions of the property. Going over these things verbally and putting them in writing ensures that your tenants can refer back to them as needed in the days ahead.

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