5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Rental Home

Spring is the perfect time to focus on freshening and cleaning your rental home. Even if you have long-term tenants, taking the time to do a bit of spring cleaning will still make your property look attractive. Chances are that you might have to look for new tenants at some point.

1. Groom the Landscape

In spite of the mild weather of Las Vegas, the winter months will often still leave you with some landscaping needs that have to be met. Whether it is dead and brown leaves or debris blown around by the winds, picking up the yard is crucial to your spring cleaning.

2. Check Your Gutters

The spring is the ideal time to check on the state of your gutters. In order for them to do their job most effectively, your gutters need to be free of leaves, sticks and other debris that could clog them up. Repair any gutters that are missing the brackets or that are sagging.

3. Power Wash the Exterior

The exterior of your rental home is the first thing that a potential tenant sees upon arriving. In order to make a good first impression, it is vital that the exterior looks well maintained and cared for. Power wash the exterior if necessary.

4. Touch Up The Paint

Whether your home is painted or it has siding, chances are it could use a paint touch up. Nothing says clean and sparkling like a few coats of paint on the outside.

5. Treat the Deck

In order to provide your tenant with a relaxing place to enjoy the outdoors, you’ll need to maintain the deck on a regular basis. Power wash it first to remove any grime and then treat it with a specialized sealant.

Relying on the professionals at Real Property Management Las Vegas (RPMLV) means that you can put all worries about maintenance and spring cleaning aside. These experienced professionals take care of all those needs.