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Archive for March 2018

Reasons to Use Virtual Reality Tours

It’s a disquieting fact of life that the world seems to be getting more dangerous with each passing day. This means that things you wouldn’t think twice about doing in the recent past could give you pause now — and rightly so. One of the most important elements of getting your property rented is allowing…

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Protect Assets with Proper Screening Methods

Even though you might not think about it in so many words, the fact of the matter is that any property you rent out is an asset. Because you naturally want to protect any assets you have — including your rental home(s) — you need an effective screening process. Here are some tips to help…

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3 Ways to Prep Now for the Upcoming Rental Season

Like in many other areas of the country, the rental season in Las Vegas is expected to ramp up as spring holidays and the summer approaches. Whether you’re getting ready to get a property on the market or your current tenants have indicated their intentions to move out once their contract ends, now is the…

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