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Archive for May 2017

Things to do Before You List Your Property for Rent

You’ve decided to jump in and offer your property for rent. Doing so opens lots of exciting doors for you and provides a predictable source of income. Before you list your property, though make sure you do these three things: 1. Change the Locks Whether this is your first renter or you’ve have previous ones,…

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How to Smooth the Way When a Tenant Moves Out

Would it surprise you to learn that the easiest way to make moving out go smoothly is to start the process before they move in? By outlining the responsibilities of the renter and the property owner when they are moving in, everyone is aware of what is expected of them. As the date for them…

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Mid-Year Review: Are You Using the Right Property Management Company?

While many people undergo an end of the year review of those important goals in their lives — work, family and financial — fewer undertake such a review during the middle of the year. Doing so now, when about half the year has passed, provides you with ample time to make changes to bring 2017…

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Help Make Moving in Easier With These Tips

Getting the relationship between you and the person or family who is renting your property off to a positive start can go a long way toward making it a smooth one. By following the tips outlined below, you can help make the moving¬†process exciting, stressful and pleasant. 1. Arm Them With the Rental Agreement An…

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Backyard Grilling Safety Tips

Though Nevada’s mild climate invites backyard grilling year round, more people still take part in this popular activity during the spring and summer. Whether you have tenants who are just getting started with their first home or you have a seasoned family unit, the following backyard grilling safety tips are good ones to know about.…

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