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Three Tips for Investing in Rental Properties Long Distance

Using a rental property as an investment can be a sound investment that generates income for years to come. With the vibrant Las Vegas real estate market, you might be considering a purchase but are hesitant because you don’t live locally. If you are considering purchasing a property in the Las Vegas area, there are…

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What You Need to Know About Renters with Mental Illness

According to statistics from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, about 43.8 million Americans have mental illness each year. Most are able to manage their daily activities but sometimes symptoms can weaken them so that they aren’t able to do so. This can lead to questions about your role in a mentally ill person’s life.…

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3 Tips to Determine if You Should Raise Your Rental Rates

An increase in your rental rates seems like it would be a good thing. Not only would you be making more money, but you could sink some of the additional funds into your properties, upgrading and making improvements to them. Before you rush off to draft that rent increase letter to hand out to your…

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